The committee -
Callemin Ronny, Koch Thierry, Lisabeth Robert en Denecker Roland
Degraeve Eric, Boussy Marc, Quaghebeur Maurice en Verburgh Eric


In 1861 some notable Ostendais founded a Circle to wich was given
the name of "Circle Coecilia".

In 1912 the Circle receives the title of "Royal Society".

The motto was " Art and Charity", the goal, to carry help to the widows
and orphan of fishers disappeared in sea, as well as to the families living in poverty.
Funds were gathered at the time of spectacles, concerts and expositions.

Today, the society sustains a number of philanthropic projects in Ostend.

The RAT MORT 2014 will be organised by Kursaal Oostende.

In spite of its respectable age, the Circle Coecilia is always hyperactive:
ther are the monthly game evenings, the yearly barbecue and
the various excursions.

Have become member by sponsorship.
The candidate is presented by two godfathers and the ballot of all members
present decides his candidacy.

Koninklijke Cercle Cœcilia
St. Sebastiaanstraat 26 bus 9
8400 Oostende - BELGIUM
Tel/fax: 059/ 50 05 12