Ridderschap 1901
Compagny of the Rat Mort 1901

The Confraternity of the "RAT MORT® (the dead rat), founded in 1896 by the painters Emile Bulcke and James Ensor is revived at the time of the
general assembly of  2 December 1956

The Confraternity is composed of a knighthood corps and a corps of page's.

133ste ridder

The Confraternity limits itself to 133 knights: Belgians and foreigners having returned of eminent services in the domain of the tourism, folklore, gastronomy, the arts,
of the beautiful letters and the journalism, in the goal to promote the renewal of the city of Ostend as well as the glitter of the "BALL RAT MORT® ".

De hoge raad

Hoge raad

November 2012

The new knights 2012